franz katzgraber, sculpture in ternitz

franz katzgraber


sculpture in ternitz

We live in a time of specialisation, of instructions for use. Specialists do our thinking for us. Few people take the time to investigate matters thoroughly for themselves. One wants to avoid the risk of making wrong judgements. I do not want to be a specialist and give instructions for use, only to set down a few of the thoughts which preoccupy me and which make it easier to understand my work. The emphasis of the vertical axes in my work is intended to give expression to life-affirming and upright qualities. In working I affirm life and accept the challenge of living it. For me, forms that strive upwards are life-affirming. Cutting up and tearing up are intended to illustrate that which is diabolical, the compulsion of human beings to destroy what they have created. In calm and clear formulas I have also allowed myself to be inspired by technology. It is a variation, a figment of the imagination.
(Franz Katzgraber)
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