charlotte seidl, entrance area of stockerau special needs school

charlotte seidl


entrance area of stockerau special needs school

Beside each the two already existent pillars (to the right of the door on the lower level and to the left on the upper floor) there is one group of forms and at a distance of one metre away a second one, covering the transition from the oblique to the horizontal. Between each of the sculptural elements there is a step. The various heights and forms of the groups symbolise different people. Through their close connection, their keeping together, the structure of the individual parts produces the image of a strong group. Strength in community. In addition to the optical effect, the forms prevent the children from stumbling over the existing uneven surface of the floor. The children can also sit on the sculptures, meet there and chat. The surfaces have been designed in different ways, so that a tactile experience has also been integrated. The colours terracotta, blue and white emphasise the variety and stand for earthiness, spirit and the senses.
(Charlotte Seidl)

Architect: Friedrich Kuchler
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