anna detzlhofer


artistic concept for the provincial old peoples home in st.pölten

The sail as a pictorial element forms the point of departure for this artistic design. The location of the provincial old people’s and care home near Traisen in St. Pölten and the groundplan of the building that recalls a ship reinforce this association. The sail is reinterpreted in terms of design, underscoring the spatial givens. It uses the entire height of the covered inner courtyard and allows freedom of movement in the communal rooms.

Thread wire images, a handicraft motif of the seventies provided the concrete inspiration to create formations using tension wires. Suspended and loosely hanging round tubes turned inside out and held by vine ropes were the result. Running through a circular corridor and the pergola and depending on the height of a given floor, different viewing surfaces emerged. Passionflower (Passiflora caerulea) and chestnut vine (Tetrastigma vioinerianum) easily scale heights of 20 meters, highlighting and animating the construction and making the sails appear a translucent green. To complement this there is a flat plant diagram in the vats. Plants that can tolerate shadow with various leaf structures and diverse shades of green draw pictures of a map to remind one of distant worlds. Gravel veins structure the variegated plant surface, facilitating the necessary care procedures.
(Anna Detzlhofer)
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