leo zogmayer


urban furnishings for the town of krems a.d. donau

There were plans to radically clear out the inner city of Krems and to replace the nostalgic products dominating the town with a few, really essential contemporary objects. The guiding principle was to be: "Less is more." The reserved "poor" formal idiom of the object designs was to do justice to the backstage character of this inventory. Concrete designs were developed for the funds earmarked for the "orientation, building, relaxation" and new guidelines were formulated for the way the town was to be used as a user interface. Following a campaign that was carried out by the provincial paper, the realization of the project came to a temporary halt. A local politician had ordered the removal of the new benches that had been placed as the first group of objects in the town center.
(Leo Zogmayer)
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