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sofie thorsen


signposting for the leiser berge region

The region around the Leiser Berge nature park is characterised by a rich history and many archaeological sites. Although many of these historical locations are no longer visible. Excavations have been carried out in many places, finds have been retrieved, documented, shipped to a museum and the digs have then been filled over again. The project LANDMARK Leiser Berge now aims to mark these locations and to combine them as a feature of the region. A series of six texts in the form of road markings have been applied to the existing parking spaces close to the locations to be identified. Most of the markings do not name the locations but name instead what was once to be found there (Leeberg, Königssitz, settlements, museum for pre- and early history, a linden alley and Abkhazian graves) so permitting a new perspective to be taken on the locations and the landscape.
The car park as a tourist destination is an elemental part of the work, the road markings make it a site itself, with the asphalt forming another layer over the many existing archaeological layers — which the words are intended to talk about. Parked cars temporarily cover the information, while simultaneously illustrating the level of a visitor's interest in the historic locations.
(Sofie Thorsen)
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