thomas stimm


installation in the sculture-garden of the NÖ landesmuseum

Since the eighties flowers figure in Thomas Stimm's work - both in the smaller clay pieces and in the large bronze works. Like all of the artist's works the clay pieces with flowers are small models of everyday life, silent stories where the flower plays the classical role of remembrance, classical beauty, growth and waiting. On one of his "Flowers" the artist has said the following: "To me the flower sort of visualizes development which also has great importance for us people. We often spend a whole lifetime learning how to 'open up' in this way. This uninhibited opening of such a delicate construction such as the flower and the subsequent blossoming is enormous..." (Thomas Stimm).
In the bronze pieces, the small narration yields to greater dimension and much less flexible material. These flowers which were selected from the competition together with six other projects, are standing in the sculture-garden of the museum like large alien shapes .
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