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This year’s state exhibition "Alles, was Recht ist" (In All Fairness) opened in Pöggstall in the beginning of April. The exhibition, which is being held in the elaborately renovated Pöggstall Castle, presents the history of jurisdiction and the composition of shared human life. On the path leading to the castle, visitors can view a new granite installation called “UND” by the sculptor Gabriele Berger.

Three granite objects up to more than two meters high can be seen standing next to the footpath leading to the circular bastion. Most visitors need a second glance to realize that the stones form the word "UND" (And). While the “N” stone is most distinct, the “U” frames the landscape, and the bulge of the “D” is barely noticeable. Stone and landscape, form and outline, alternate and blend with one another.
With the word "UND", the sculptor Gabriele Berger presents the cornerstone of our shared existence and makes this visual, not only in the interaction between art and space, but also between nature, landscape, and humans.
As the primary material in Gabriele Berger’s artistic practice, the stone in her works always reveals traces of her working process.

Non-time does not exist, and non-space does not exist.
Time and space are human thought constructs:
Orientation, system, order in the world around us, what we call nature;
Becoming part of the world, becoming part of language. (Gabriele Berger)
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