A Jubilee Exhibition: Public Art in Lower Austria — 10 Years of the Law for the Promotion of Culture

Carola Dertnig takes a feminist dominated viewpoint to reverse the frequently familiar with her counter-designs, for instance in her video Gemeindebau (Community Housing) in which 32 suggestions are proposed for renaming specific buildings after politically active and often underrepresented artists and groups. In collaboration with Adrien Tirtiaux a design was completed for the Frauenhaus Amstetten (women's shelter) submitted to a competition for public art in Lower Austria. In her video Der Nachlass der Anna-Lülja Praun (The Estate of Anna-Lülja Praun) Dertnig pursues traces of the architect and designer who died in 2004.

The theorist and publicist Gerhard Dirmoser produces diagrams where the various views and modes of depiction in them encounter various approaches used in art, especially where 'mapping' plays a key role in site-specific works. In St. Pölten he showed two large works on walls: in Ein Diagramm ist (k)ein Bild (A Diagram is (Not) a Picture) he addresses latest developments in visual culture theory with diagrams, and challenges the status of the 'picture'; while in Verben im Kontext (Verbs in Context; subtitle: Ein Semantisches Netz in Gutenbergs Galaxis — A Semantic Network in Gutenberg's Galaxy) a graphical network composed of verbs is constructed according to content.

Andreas Fogarasi's Planning Library was completed in 2003 for a temporary project in Drosendorf consisting of a library specialising in the subject of the city, or town/country, with a focus on specific issues relating to urbanism, the public and public space. Adorned with those minimal features typical of Fogorasi's work, and subjecting cultural forms of representation on the level of display, design and text to a critical analysis, this library was reassembled in St. Pölten and contrasted paradigmatically with the work in Lower Austria. Furthermore, the library provided a source of information, and with this information on and an insight into the working methods and approach of Public Art projects in the federal state.
(Susanne Neuburger)