28.02.08 bis 28.02.08, 16.00 uhr


around the table

A three-hour workshop on an artwork in the community where it stands offers local residents a discursive approach, and with it a deeper insight into the artists' formal approach and content.
The meetings provide more insights into different approaches to art. Those interested meet in the community in an agreeable atmosphere Around a Table (pub, Heurige, community hall etc.). Individual and theoretical approaches to the artworks are exchanged in alternating talks, discussions, activities and individual conversations. In these presentations the historical and art historical background play as much of a role as topographical and emotional factors. When appropriate to the venue and artworks, these will include proactive elements. The aim is to sensitise the public to other people's perception and approach.

A key element in the range of educational activities is mobility, as the same structure can be modified for application in various locations to provide an intensive and precise approach tailored to suit the subject matter at each location.

concept and realisation:
Bärbl Zechner and Johanna Zechner
art and culture mediators

28 February 2008
Kunstraum Weikendorf / on the work of Michael Kienzer and Mona Hahn – Um Raum und Tisch