15.03.12 bis 15.03.12, 19.00 uhr

kunstraum noe wien

gespräch zur kunst im öffentlichen raum

Opening up Spaces for Arts and the Public through the Internet
curated by Lorenz "eSel" Seidler
Discussion evening on 15 March 2012 , at 19.00 in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich ,
Herrengasse 13, 1014 Vienna

Ubermorgen (CH/AT)
Hans Bernhard & Iizvlx , Digital Art Duo
Gail Durbin (UK) museum consultant, former director of the Victoria & Albert Online Museum, London
Hands on Stations:
Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory – Stefanie Wuschitz
Metalab – Philipp Tiefenbacher, Marius Kintel, Michael Pöhn

The rapid spread of the internet opens new opportunities to art and its institutions for direct exchange with the audience: as a public means of communication, the net facilitates productive interaction between the art business and communities; artists use the medium for digital actionism and stage the increasing limitation of the world we live in with digital realities.

The discussion evening examines projects and methods, presented with 3-D printers and home-made computers, direct results of new, collaborative knowledge transfers, and with invited experts calls for a critical examination of the potential of virtual spaces.

Documentation: Artistic Bokeh Research
Discussion and presentation in English.


The perspectives of the artist-duo Ubermorgen.Com (CH/AT), the online museum consultant Gail Durbin (UK), the net-culture initiative Metalab (AT) and Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory (AT) open up a broad spectrum for discussion of the potential of the internet for artists and institutions.

The "digital actionism" of the Swiss/Austrian artist duo Ubermorgen.Com facilitates the theft of digital books (Amazon Noir), tests the self-cannibalisation of Google, the dominant search and advertising network (Google will eat itself), develops an operating system for human identity on the basis of interrogation and torture methods (PsychOS) and with the staged purchase of votes in the American presidential election ensures heated discussion on CNN (Vote Auction). As a permanent artistic research, Ubermorgen.Com explores the boundaries between reality and its staging afresh, in order to get to the roots of its conditions. The artists
not only dissect essential aspects and critical questions of the digital age, but transfer methods and strategies of "media hacking" to general, total-society connections. With great courage and commitment, but also with humour, burning questions of identity and control in a globalising society are posed afresh through art. The internet serves the artist duo simultaneously as a communications interface to the mass media as well as a direct connection to a broad audience.

The museum consultant Gail Durbin uses the internet as an interface for the productive exchange between museums and institutions and the creativity of the visitors or communities in the net. In her talk, Gail Durbin describes her long experience as the director of the "digital museum" of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum
Using the example of selected projects, Durbin shows the methods and channels through which artists and specific communities and their contributions can be involved in exhibitions and in the research activities of the museum, and how museums and institutions can also turn outwards through photo portals, blogs and websites. At the same time, Durbin’s lecture also shows the change in the communication and organisational structure of museums in interaction with the growing online audience. Here the focus is on extended role-models for museums, new challenges and opportunities for collaborative knowledge production, but also the question of the specifics of art, its institutions and the creativity of the users.