28.04.12 bis 28.04.12, 14.00 uhr


peter sandbichler

opening of Peter Sandbichler's foundtain and square design "Schware Schafe" ("black sheeps")

within the realisation of his "walkable fountain"
Referring to the legend of holy Koloman, who is located in the history of Stockerau, Peter Sandbichler dealt within the realisation of his "walkable fountain" with the efforts against xenophobia and social exclusion conveyed for this Saint. The slowly rising niveau of the fountain makes it possible to enter it at its shoal end. Built in concrete pour technique, all sheeps of the community, also the black ones, are growing out of the rectangular outlined design, as concrete cubes in different level heights, which can be used as seatings where the water is not too high.

Shuttlebus from Vienna to Stockerau
from Vienna, University, Grillparzerstraße / Rathauspark,
departure: 15:00 pm., return: ca. 18:30 pm.
application until 26nd of April at:
(0)2742 9005 16273
service charge: 5 EUR

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