30.01.14 bis 30.01.14, 16.00 uhr

kunstraum noe

public art talk

Vulnerability and Resistance
The Public Dis/Appearance of Bodies

public art talk

Thursday, the 30th of January 2014, 4pm to 10 pm
at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Herrengasse 13, 1014 Wien

curated by Elke Krasny

Lectures and talks by
Khan Adalat Refugee Activist, Refugees Protest Camp Vienna
Clifford Erinmwionghae Refugee Activist, Refugees Protest Camp Vienna
Rachel Garfield Artist and Author , London
Marissa Lôbo Artist and Activist, Vienna
Anne Elizabeth Moore Editor and Artist, Chicago
Gabi Ngcobo Curator and Artist, Johannesburg
Pelin Tan Author and Curator, Mardin

“Human action depends upon all sorts of supports - it is always supported action.” Judith Butler

The struggles over what is public space, over how bodies will be supported, over what it means to have the right to have rights are fundamental ones. Contemporary politics regarding the ‘square’ and the ‘street’ have led to surprising alliances, ones that are self-organizing, self-instituting, feminist strategies, and critical artistic and curatorial practices. Affective and communicative labor produce new radical relationalities between self and other. At the same time, the vulnerability, fragility, and precarity of bodies and their right to support becomes apparent. The symposium “Vulnerability and Resistance. The Public Dis/Appearance of Bodies” addresses these complexly intertwined issues and aims to foster trans-local and post-disciplinary exchange and debate.

© Rachel Garfield "The Straggle"

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