10.10.19 bis 12.10.19, 09.00 uhr

lunz am see



Lunz/er/forschen DDLD­ - Direkt durch Lunz durch
Paths have bifurcations, gardens have fences, windows have certain directions.
We all come into situations where we choose one direction, draw boundaries or overcome boundaries, occupy given perspectives or seek new ones. Together with all interested lunishers, we are going through two straight lines DDLD-direct through Lunz - once from north to south and once from west to east. We invite you, as part of INVENTOUR, to explore with the artist Gerald Straub what you will encounter on these lines.
All Lunzers are invited!

Thursday, October 10th
9 am-noon Workshop
School NMS Lunz am See
Workshop with students of NMS Lunz
2 am-5 pm Parking Unimarkt
At the InvenTour bus we collect your route suggestions for the Lunzstraat DDLD - directly through Lunz: Where do you have to pass by? Insider tips are welcome! The InvenTour Team is preparing the way.

Friday, October 11th
Lunz/er/forscher are on their way. Participation is possible anytime, anywhere. Explorer coat, test strips and notepad are provided!

10 am-1 pm, DDLD - Route North-South
Meeting point: School NMS Lunz

As part of the workshop at NMS Lunz

2-5 pm, DDLD - Route West-East
Meeting point: Campingarea Lunz

Crossing for all Luncherinnen and Lunzer

5-7 pm Narrative café
Nachher is ma immer gscheiter
Which decisions have which consequences? We share life-wisdom, personal decisions and different life-paths. Experts and everyday experts talk about their personal experiences. All Lunzers are invited to listen, to participate and to tell.

Moderation: Gert Dressel (historian)

Saturday, October 12th
11 am-4 pm: Water Cluster, open house
Presentation of findings and finds of the Lunz/er/forscher DDLD tours and the workshop. We inform about the planned memorial of Florian Pumhösl at the water cluster.

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