09.11.19 bis 09.11.19, 15.00 uhr


franz sam

We cordially invite to the opening

Emmersdorf Platzgestaltung 2.0 durch sam - architects

Saturday, 2019 November 9th, 3 pm
Georg-Prunner-Platz in Emmersdorf an der Donau

Josef Kronsteiner
Mayor Emmersdorf an der Donau
Franz Sam
Georg Strasser
Member of the Nacional Council representing Landeshauptfrau Johanna Mikl-Leitner

Already in the year 2000, the architect Franz Sam designed the Georg-Prunner-Platz on the Danube Embankment in Emmersdorf. In the course of the construction of the flood protection system, the square was adapted and expanded. The original design elements of the square were dismantled for the measures and restored for rebuilding. The concept includes the design of the bus stop, which was equipped with a public bookcase at the initiative of the municipality, as well as a control system of lighting and sound elements.
At the request of the inhabitants of Emmersdorf, a platform was added as part of the renovation work, which was equipped with seating and can be roofed over when needed. It gives the place a new quality as a meeting place and venue

Information about the original project

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