29.11.19 bis 29.11.19, 19.00 uhr

st. pölten

a village in history

We cordially invite to the Film Screening and Conversation in context of "A Village in History", curated by Alejandro Bachmann:

AMATEUR FILMS from the collections of the Austrian Film Museum and the project "NÖ Privat" - an initiative of the Province of Lower Austria with the Filmarchiv Austria

Friday, November 29th, 2019, 7 p.m.
Haus der Geschichte / Museum NÖ
Kulturbezirk 5
3100 St. Pölten

Historians Paolo Caneppele (Austrian Filmmuseum), Ulrich Schwarz-Graeber (NÖ Privat), Brigitte Semanek (NÖ Privat) and the Archivist Stefanie Zingl (Austrian Film Museum)

The fourth and last part of the series VILLAGE IN HISTORY takes up the question of what knowledge is involved in the intermeshing of village life and historical events in films by amateur filmmakers.
Not so much films about villages are here in the focus, rather films from villages, from villagers, often for small, local contexts, e.g. as village chronicles or for private use, as a reminder.

Together with the historians Paolo Caneppele, Ulrich Schwarz-Graves, Brigitte Semanek and the Archivist Stefanie Zingl, a selection of amateur films from the collections of the NÖ Privat Collection and the Austrian Film Museum will be presented and commentated live, followed by the question of which specific form of historical knowledge can be found in these ephemeral documents and which particular challenges the films pose to archivists and historians.

A VILLAGE IN HISTORY is a project of art in public space Lower Austria in cooperation with the market communities of Erlauf and Golling, the time-historical center Melk and the House of History in the Museum Lower Austria St. Pölten

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