12.11.20 bis 12.11.20, 00.00 uhr

st. pölten


Temporary interventions in St. Pölten


Due to the current Covid-19 regulations there will be no official opening, so we hereby invite you to explore the works individually from November 14, 2020.

Locations of the interventions
Aldo Giannotti
Cinema Paradiso, Rathausplatz 13
Festspielhaus, Kulturbezirk 2 (until August 31, 2021)
Sound Tower, Kulturbezirk 2
Posters and bags for free: Cinema Paradiso and the Festspielhaus
During the lockdown these are available in the marketing office in the town hall.

Borjana Ventzislavova
Central Station, Bahnhofsplatz 1
City Hall, City, Rathausplatz 1
Landtag ship, Landhausplatz 1b

25 years of Austria in the EU: To mark this occasion, the contemporary art initiative
art hoc projects invited two artists, Aldo Giannotti and Borjana Ventzislavova, born in different European countries and living in Austria for many years to share their questions, perspectives and hopes on and for Europe with the public. Seven temporary interventions that link the city center and the government district were developed, which will be on view for a year in the public space of St. Pölten starting in November. European togetherness
Under the title IN THIS TOGETHER Borjana Ventzislavova and Aldo Giannotti present several interventions in St. Pölten. Large neon lettering and graphic interventions on central buildings in the city center and in the government district formulate the question of a Europe of solidarity, which is more urgent than ever before, especially in the year 2020. The works seek a dialogue with the citizens and invite them to reflect on a European identity and the possibilities of living together now and in the future.

Aldo Giannotti portrays Europe in crisis
For IN THIS TOGETHER, the artist has produced a series of drawings that appear in large scale on building facades and animated on flat screens, as well as on posters and bags that can be found in the Cinema Paradiso and the Festspielhaus for free. Giannotti's drawings are a pointed commentary on European identity in times of crisis. In a crossover of art and social criticism, he uses a minimalist, often humorous form of representation to visualize "shifted", sometimes "crazy" political and social conditions.

Borjana Ventzislavova questions a European identity
The artist places large-format neon lettering on the roofs and facades of three central buildings in the city: the train station, the city hall, and the Landtag ship. In terms of content, the light installations are firmly connected with the function of the places where they are installed - as the lettering "Her name is Europe. She came across the sea" adresses the transit space of the train station as a crystallization point of migration. Ventzislavova's interventions evoke questions of a European identity and at the same time demonstrate that finding answers is not an easy undertaking. Through the handwriting-inspired typefaces and the openness of their questions and observations, the cityscape is charged with "text vibration" and thus acquires a poetic character.

Curator: Lisa Ortner-Kreil /
Production: Barbara Horvath

A project by art hoc projects.

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