Bruno Schernhammer "und alle winkten"

04.10.18 bis 04.10.18, 18.30 uhr

museum erlauf erinnnert

bruno schernhammer

"und alle winkten"

Thursday, October 4 2018, 6.30 p.m.

Located in a village on an Upper Austrian motorway bridge, Bruno Schernhammer's novel unites many stories. They entwine around the highway as the epitome of progress and as a National Socialist showcase project, as landscape and life-shaping architecture and as the site of miserable forced labor. The author lets his readers change the perspective between the decades and the identities and thus draws a complex and touching picture.

Following the reading, a conversation between Bruno Schernhammer and Johanna Zechner (Curator Museum ERLAUF ERINNERT) provides insights into his research and writing and traces possible regional historical parallels on the spot.

Musical accompaniment by Edith Lettner
Lettner's musical home is jazz, free improvisation such as African and oriental music. In 2005 she founded her own jazz ensemble FREEMOTION. The new CD titled "Taking Off" (2018) was presented in New York and in Vienna and received great acclaim.

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