Ines Doujak " landgrabbing / landraub / landnahme", Counterpoints II Kunst im Park 2018 ©

15.09.18 bis 15.09.18, 10.00 uhr

grafenegg, krems-stein, klein-pöchlarn

landpartie III

Saturday, 2018 September 15, 10 a.m.

The park around Grafenegg Castle, the Danube University in Krems-Stein and Klein-Pöchlarn have been popular "venues" for new artistic interventions for public art in Lower Austria for many years. And so these three places are also 2018 stops on an autumnal Landpartie in September.

As early as 2017, temporary works of art complemented the eight permanent artistic interventions in the landscape park around Schloss Grafenegg. Also this year, two new works will be encountered within the project COUNTERPOINTS II Kunst im Park 2018. The Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt responds to an unusual event that is linked to the history of the park with a performance and its cinematic rendering. On the Landpartie you can experience the special staging of a walk, which usually takes place only on concert days, once

The Austrian artist Ines Doujak leads with a kind of educational trail through the grounds of the park. The approximately 40 panels, attached to the trees and distributed over the area, draw the attention of visitors to historical and contemporary dimensions of land grabbing in the form of monoculture biodiversity destruction.

Close to the site of the Danube University in Krems-Stein, the artist Ramesch Daha points to an "end-phase crime" committed on 6.5.1945 here in the detention center. The approximately 100 m long design on the outer wall of the prison was created in cooperation with the historian Robert Streibel, who provided his archive material for the specific work on the prison wall of the artist.

Another new artistic installation in Stein can be found on the grounds of the Karl-Landsteiner Private University. Christian Schwarzwald has realized a work for the foyer that oscillates between concentration and fanning, making the mechanisms of scientific work visually imaginable.

After lunch in Spitz on the Danube, the journey continues to Klein-Pöchlarn. Since 25 August 2018, a sculpture by Christian Kosmas Mayer is another artistic attraction on the Donaulände. The location of the work at the disposal site is an associative starting point for approaching the complex content of the work and probably the right place to think about economic territories on rivers and seas and their global consequences.

Of course there is also the opportunity to see the work of Katrin Hornek, Max Bühlmann and Herbert Golser again.
Return in Vienna about 7 p.m.
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Concept/Accompaniment: Bärbl Zechner
Assistance: Klara Krgovic

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