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06.10.18 bis 06.10.18, 10.00 uhr

weikendorf, orth, paasdorf, hollabrunn

landpartie IV

Saturday, 2018 October 6, 10 a.m.

The first stop on the Landpartie IV in October is a new installation in Weikendorf. The former fire station in the village has been functioning as an art space since 2007 and is being redrawn twice a year by artists. From the end of September, Anita Witek, whose medium is photography, transforms the art space through the expansive collage "FULL MOON".

The Museum ORTH is also a destination on the rides due to the cooperation with the Department of Art in the public area of ​​Lower Austria. This time Ines Doujak, with her work "Caravans", lays a trail through the rooms of the museum and thus stimulates the examination of historical and current trade routes. A dialogue with Bettina Spörr (curator, secession Vienna) accompanies the approach to the complex work.

After lunch, the journey continues through the Weinviertel with a stopover in the cultural landscape Passdorf to Hollabrunn. The artist Norbert Maringer has created a special place for the social psychiatry department in the regional clinic Hollabrunn, which can be used as a rest room and also as a place for reflection. On site there is the opportunity to talk with the artist about his "ErdeRaumSkulptur".

Return to Vienna approx. 7 p.m.
Concept and Accompaniment
Bärbl Zechner

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