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10.03.19 bis 10.03.19, 17.00 uhr


heidi schatzl

We cordially invite to the exhibition opening
Heidi Schatzl „THE EXAMINED LIFE / DAS GEPRÜFTE LEBEN. ERNST F. BROD (1901-1978)“ „Erinnerungsspeicher“, Municipal office Erlauf

Franz Engelmaier (mayor), Christian Rabl (time historian Melk Memorial), Cornelia Offergeld (curator) and the artist.

music: Trachtenkapelle Erlauf

The permanent space installation on the first floor of the Municipal office Erlauf can be visited with free admission to the terms of the office. MO-WED, FR: 8 a.m. to noon, THU: 7 a.m. to noon and 2 to 6 p.m.

The space installation THE EXAMINED LIFE / THE TESTED LIFE, conceived in 2017 by the Austrian artist Heidi Schatzl, communicates the life story of Ernst F. Brod (1901-1978) as a Jew and Social Democrat in 1934 before the Austrofascists fled to Paris and in 1937 to the National Socialists in Turkey and emigrated to the United States in 1948. His mother and brother stayed behind, were expropriated and murdered. As an attentive chronicler, Brod left behind a previously unpublished, 2,000-page autobiography, which is characterized by the balance of the "small" autobiographical versus the "big" historical context. Heidi Schatzl made Brod´s ambivalent relationship with his homeland and the memories buried there after the war the starting point of her work and constructed from the life story Brods a memory memory, an outsourced collective memory of the place. For this purpose she processed selected manuscript pages and images from private photo albums and archives to wall reliefs, which revealed the view of the former department store Brod. With photographs on four freestanding columns, she referred to Brod´s political thinking and his role in building modernism as a civil engineer in Turkey. (Cornelia Offergeld)

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