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23.03.19 bis 23.03.19, 14.00 uhr



„Ruf gegen die Grenze“
A project within the framework of the Festival of Regions 2019
in cooperation with Kunst im öffentlichen Raum NÖ

Saturday, March 23, 2 to 7 p.m.
Landesmusikschule, Schlossgasse 8, 4360 Grein

The artist duo transparadiso invites residents, musicians, writers, singers, everyday performers, those interested in the border, together to develop texts and contributions as a basis for dialogues, which are subsequently transformed into a literary / poetic / fictional / experimental text / music piece.
By means of two megaphone sculpures on opposite shores in the region of Strudengau the "Ruf gegen die Grenze" is to sound as a dialogue during the Festival of the Regions.

„Ruf gegen die Grenze“
Performance at the Festival of Regions 2019: 28.6. - 7.7.2019, every Saturday and Sunday.

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