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06.04.19 bis 06.04.19, 16.30 uhr


anita witek

At the end of the current exhibition in the Kunstraum Weikendorf invites the artist Anita Witek to
in the expansive installation FULL MOON

Saturday, April 6, 4.30 p.m.
Kunstraum Weikendorf, Rathausplatz 1, 2253 Weikendorf

The medium of Anita Witek`s artitistic work is photography. She uses found imagery, edits it, rearranges it, creating unexpected and literal multi-layered perspectives on a spatial structure. In this way, the work in the Kunstraum Weikendorf draws attention to the form and versatility of the location.

But the installation can also be perceived as an empty stage space that refers to something that is not (yet) present. This aspect plays a special role in the closing event: The (imaginary) curtain rises - the tension increases ...

Concept: Bärbl Zechner/Gabriele Stöger with Anita Witek

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