24.08.19 bis 15.09.19, 19.00 uhr


Die Verwandlung. Borders are Vacillating.

A project curated by Iris Andraschek und Hubert Lobnig.

Opening hours of the exhibition in the border house: From Thursday to Sunday from 14:00 to 19:00 on the following days: Aug. 29 - Sept. 1; 5th - 8th Sept .; 12. - 15. Sept. 2019.
Guided tours on the 31st of August and on the September 7, 2019, at 15:00.

The project Die Verwandlung - Borders are Vacillating.
by Iris Andraschek and Hubert Lobnig asks about the "transformations" of borders after the opening of the Iron Curtain, the border-dismantling after the Schengen agreement and the years of escape since 2015.

In 2009, at the border post - which was slowly closed after 1989 - between Fratres and Slavonice a 60 meters long and 4 meters high metal construction by Iris Andraschek and Hubert Lobnig was realized - originally conceived as a temporary project - , with the inscription Where do the borders go? Kam mizí hranice?. The work was part of a cross-border state exhibition and together with the installed series of photographs a statement on the then border discourse. Currently there is a variation of this work exhibited in the Landesgalerie NÖ in Krems.

2014, after the planned dismantling of the border architecture as part of Schengen and the sale of the border house, a group exhibition on the subject of borders and territory, works by Polish, Czech and Austrian artists were added to the existing and expanded metal construction.

In 2015, there was a turning point in attitude and in the discourse on issues over territorial boundaries. The starting point for this were the many people forced to flee to Europe due to the civil war in Syria. Suddenly, national borders became theme of whole election campaigns. Humanitarian aspects and social responsibility were subject of very controversial debates.

Today, in 2019, looking back on the past years as well as in the context of 30 years after the opening of the Iron Curtain, the question arises of how borders themselves and the discourses about it have changed since then. In addition to the original question of the project, Where do the borders go?, terms such as metamorphosis and transformation were added as central aspects. Borders are Vacillating – borders tilt and fluctuate. They disappear, they wander, they become invisible, shift, dissolve and amplify elsewhere.

Nine international artists now were asked on their views on these shifts and changes, for their pictures and metaphors for it. The works will be presented on the existing outdoor displays, in the area of the border control strip between the two former border stations and in the former border house, which is now open for several weeks. As part of Die Verwandlung - Borders are Vacillating this now privatized building is open to the public for the first time.

Ana Teresa Fernández, Marlene Hausegger, Moritz Matschke, Filippo Minelli, Thea Moeller, Alban Muja, Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza, Hannes Zebedin, Martin Zet

Agnieszka Kalinowska, Abbé Libansky und Friedemann Derschmidt*
* as a link to the project Wohin verschwinden die Grenzen? Kam mizí hranice? from 2014

DISPLACED projects by students of the Vienna University of Technology
The teaching and research project DISPLACED was launched in 2015 in order to develop self-empowerment, energy, social commitment and multi-faceted learning of location-based and practical and socially integrative projects with asylum seekers. The results are presented in the form of a video projection.

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