08.09.19 bis 14.09.19, 18.00 uhr

Göpfritz an der Wild


Topic: What is our Free TIME?

Location: Platz der vergessenen Feuerwehren, Göpfritz an der Wild

Göpfritz an der Wild recalls historically incisive events and asks about the importance of volunteering. The meeting point is the monument "Treppe-Bühne-Tribüne" by Maruša Sagadin for the volunteer fire brigades, which were forgotten in the course of the removal for the military training area Allentsteig.


Sunday, September 8, 2019
9.00 am, opening of the memorial
"Stair–Stage–Platform. The Reclining Imprint."
by Maruša Sagadin

We are with information on site.

Friday, September 13, 2019
from 12 a.m., Inform & Collect
The INVENTOUR bus is on site, with material on public art and on missing villages (on today's training area Allentsteig, but also in Reschensee in South Tyrol or in the lignite mining areas of Lusatia).

And: we collect your favorite places, your ideas, your visions, your favorite regional recipe. Come over!

6 - 7.30 p.m.: Workshop
"Our Free Time - SLOGANS" with the fire brigade youth Göpfritz an der Wild.
Volunteering as a topic: We first explore and ask together. We call into question and reinvent. Search old and new pictures and make collages. Bring individual words and different pictures together to form a new whole. Using transfer techniques, everyone will design their own T-shirt with an individual message.

Workshop leader: Stefanie Pichler, art educator, artist

8 pm, Open Air Bus Cinema
We show two films and excerpts about the different facets, stories and backgrounds of the military training area Allentsteig: yesterday and today, the military, the people as well as flora and fauna.

"Memories of a lost land" (excerpts from the film, Manfred Neuwirth, 1988) more...
"Allentsteig" (film, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 2010).

Saturday, September 14, 2019
from 12 o'clock, presentation of the works from the workshop " Our Free Time - SLOGANS ".

3 pm, Storytelling Café
A dilemma: the lost and the won land
Stories, debates and dreams. Experts and everyday experts talk about their personal experiences or their actions. Open to all!

Visitors are invited to sit down, get involved or just listen. What drives people to get involved in volunteering to contribute? What is voluntary, what does it mean to leave something behind voluntarily or involuntarily? How do the spurs of historical events influence today, everyday life, me? Is the empty space in the landscape a black hole or a projection surface for something heavenly / utopian? Does the unknown attract me or does it scare me?
It's about what has been, what can or should be, what may be. It's about getting curious, turning the perspective, thinking together, bringing in dreams, memories, fears and needs, and taking them seriously.

With: Bernhard Lehr (Dipl. Social worker, friends of the old homeland), Georg Lembergh (filmmaker), Andrea Neuteufel (farmer's wife), Gerhard Schneider (initiator for the memorial, voluntary fire brigade, museum association), u.a. Moderation: Gert Dressel (historian).

We invite you to join us,
talk, get involved.

To all INVENTOUR dates...

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