brigitte lang, object at the kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf<br /><br />

brigitte lang


object at the kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf

The coloured areas can be rotated on their own axis. The words 'RETTE' ('SAVE') and 'NATURE' are in context, and by turning the individual coloured areas seven linguistic notions and accidental neologisms are produced. The colours black and white alternate with the rhythm of the movement. The concept for this object lies in its ability to transform, and this can 'only' by initiated and influenced by the 'viewer'. The actual purpose of the object is to provoke the human being's urge to play, and in doing so to make people aware of the statement of linguistic notions. The size of the letters makes them legible from afar. The angles at which the individual colour surfaces have been set give rise to variously sized glimpses of the landscape and its development. I have drawn particular attention to the association of 'NATURE' and the injunction 'SAVE', from an awareness of the almost daily amounts of information provided about the destruction and thoughtlessness in the progress of civilisation.

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