leo schatzl, project at the border in laa a.d. thaya
leo schatzl, project at the border in laa a.d. thaya
leo schatzl, project at the border in laa a.d. thaya

leo schatzl


project at the border in laa a.d. thaya

Next to what was once the Iron Curtain, the border that once divided Europe, the artist Leo Schatzl has created a mental border space with his "Hoher Zaun" (High Fence). By virtue of their social function fences are connected to the earth. As a symbol of territorial domination and sedentariness they yield to the order of ownership and sovereignty, claiming access to land. "Hoher Zaun" directs these codes against itself. Form and material, a square-shaped, closed fence consisting of netting wire and brass supports and girders constitute the environment that breaks with its functional context. A sculptural mental space emerges, shifting the rigid codes of protection, defence and surveillance. At a remove from the territory that has become a real fortress, in the wake of unrelenting expansions and spatial occupation, a sculpture shapes a vacant space. In opposition to the imperious initiatives taken by small territories, the sculpture "Hoher Zaun" only delimits what is pervious, as if the idea were to catch clouds. But from a different perspective the artificial delineation protects the "white spots" and creates a taboo zone opposing the omnipotent serviceability of space. We are finally envisioning a space that does not belong to anyone, that does not have to be protected, that does not close in what is familiar to close out what is alien!
(Ramón Reichert)

technical realization: Brandner company

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