Call Against Borders
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St. Nikola Kirche (OÖ) - Badestrand Neustadtl (NÖ)

transparadiso (Barbara Holub / Paul Rajakovics)
Call Against Borders

Festival der Regionen - Soziale Wärme
curated by Airan Berg
Region Perg-Strudengau

Sa, 29.06.2019, 17.00-18.00 Uhr,
Grein (OÖ)-Neustadtl (NÖ)
Fr, 05.07.2019, 18.30-19.30 Uhr,
St. Nikola (OÖ) - Neustadtl (NÖ)
So, 07.07.2019, 16.30-17.30 Uhr,
Mauthausen (OÖ)-Pyburg (NÖ) - canceled due to adverse weather

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In Cooperation with Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich

Participants at the Workshops and conversations:
Anna Maria Brandstätter, Franz Edlinger, Peter Gstöttmeier, Ewa Hanushevsky, Bohdan Hanushevsky, Sarah Kamleitner, Reinhard Leonhartsberger, Eckhard Oberklammer, Pelin Ovat, Ted Pawloff, Heidi Pölzguter, Lothar Pühringer, Nikolaus Prinz, Andrea Taspinarli, Hubert Tazreiter, Markus Teufel, Pupils of the Elementary School of St. Nikola (3rd and 4th grade), Roland Wegerer

Anna Maria Brandstätter, kohelet3 (Bohdan Hanushevsky, Ewa Hanushevsky), Pelin Ovat, Christine Scholl, Andrea Taspinarli, Blasmusikkapelle St. Nikola
The border between two regions, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, which is a fluid border in the Strudengau (Upper Austria) defined in the middle of the River Danube, serves as point of departure for discussing the manifold notions of borders in our thinking and acting, for possibly overcoming geographical, imaginary, symbolic and mental borders in the contested current state of our society in Europe and beyond. Even though this border is harmless in comparison to international borders and the growing "walled Europe" local residents are affected by it in their daily life due to different laws in Upper Austria and Lower Austria. Therefore this geographically local border point5s at larger issues.

Based on workshops and conversations with locals transparadiso developped a visionary, fictional, experimental dalog "across the border" in a collaborative process, including excerpts of the correspondence between August Strindberg and Frida Uhl (1893-1894). The Call Against Borders was performed with two large scale megaphon-sculptures (connecting to "Times of Dilemma") across the River Danube which constitutes the fluid border between these two regions in Austria.
des Zusammenlebens für die Gemeinschaft zu etablieren.

Call Against Borders is based on text contributions of
August Strindberg (AS)
Frida Uhl (FU)
Volksschule St. Nikola
Pelin Ovat
Barbara Holub
Peter Gstöttmaier
Walter Edtbauer
Ted Pawloff
St. Nikola Workshop
Eckhard Oberklammer
+ 3 x open mike von den BesucherInnen

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