transparadiso (Barbara Holub / Paul Rajakovics)
Ruf gegen die Grenze

Wake-up Call against the Border
Lower Austria (LA): We don’t want to be lonely anymore!
We need more love!

Upper Austria (UA) / August Strindberg (AS) (March 5, 1893): Don’t despise me for treating you with so much reverence. I love you, but he who cannot become a child cannot love!

LA: I was bullied as a child; people threw all kinds of things at me. I was born with club feet. Emotionally, I was at the end of my rope.

UA: You shouldn’t ask too much of the person you’re talking to.

LA: What does asking too much mean? When do I ask too much of someone?

UA: When I demand more from them than they can deliver; when I make someone look like a fool.
A Few Sounds (Saxophone/Accordion)
UA / Frida Uhl (FU) (March 12, 1893): My novel also needs to be finished and published, but that’s my affair. Now to you. Before embarking on a new life can be discussed, the old one must be thoroughly done away with. This applies to you.
[...] Well, enough about business … Too much? You think? – But I need to, and want to, prove to you that I am, or want to be, more smart than beautiful. Now you are probably satisfied. Frida.

LA / AS (March 16, 1893): So, you propose six months of intellectual marriage! That would ultimately drive your all-too-worldly husband to the madhouse. If you don’t change your mind, I will submit myself to your mighty hand, but only on condition that you let me be independent during this terrible time.
I embrace you, dear angel, and urge you to come back to reality – a reality that reaches beyond everything a young girl dreams about.
Your heavenly husband, August.

UA: They laughed at me because of my German accent.
My mother said, “Don’t pay those guttersnipes any mind.”

LA: The others feel sad.

UA: That made me even more ashamed.
But they kept laughing. About my thick wool stockings with the knees often ripped and bloody, after I fell while roller skating.

LA: They were always laughing. Laughing about me, my mishaps, my falls.
About my not being able to defend myself. My upbringing was too good.

UA / FU (March 17, 1893): Concerning your independence, naturally, my dear friend, you have it like you will always have it – unlimited. Please understand, I want to be your friend, not your mistress. [...] I permit you to have all the affairs your heart desires.

LA: A border can make you angry.
It can make you sad.
You should open up.

UA: When I was four years old, my father came to visit me in Istanbul. He opened his arms wide, happily expecting me to come running to him, but I didn’t recognize him at all.

LA: I always took care of my brother as if I were his mother.
And now, he is so independent that he no longer needs me.
What do I do with my life now?

Music/A Few Sounds – Questioning????

LA / AS (March 16, 1893): I wholeheartedly agree that an honorable love on its way to marriage has its economic side; but marriage shouldn’t be a trade agreement. [...] You abused the power that I gave you, and I became your ridiculous slave.

[...] It is a thin line between pity and contempt, and you disdain me as it is. Your offer of my not needing to be faithful to you hurt me, because it proves that you don’t really love me.

From this day forward, I forbid you to have anything at all to do with my business affairs – anything at all. We will see whether our love can’t be nourished by its own fire, without this horrible fuel.

UA: It’s nice when I can rely on the rules.

LA (March 16, 1893): I love my love, because you are my love. But you love my chaotic life because it gives you the upper hand in this battle between the sexes to save our personalities.

[...] Do you know, little thing, what takes place in the human soul under the guise of noble emotions? The powers of darkness play their ugly game where only the visionary sees clearly! I am a visionary and I don’t want to be the toy of my own creative power – one that has taken on the shape of a small woman, so lovely that she could seduce a god!

Whistling/Anna Maria + Some Sounds (Off-key/Piercing)
UA: I wish I could work in a supermarket chain, like Spar or Unimarkt. I want to be truly independent.

LA: You mean feeling good and warm.

UA: I want to travel, I’ve always wanted to. And I would surely find a purpose again, probably something to do with helping people.

LA: It requires courage.

UA / FU (March 30, 1893): I love you enough to want you to be happy, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness. Say the word and I’ll take back the note, and everything will be as if nothing had ever happened between us.

LA: Let us through!

UA: First you need to prove that you have courage.

LA: I went through half a year of talk therapy. I had serious problems with aggression. I even tried to choke one of my colleagues. Since then, I’m afraid of other people, afraid something like that will happen again.
I always wanted to travel the world.

UA: It’s difficult if you want to cross a border.
Your own border …

LA: I found myself, and that is a real border.

Tonal Announcement: LA: Open Mike for Visitors of RUF GEGEN DIE GRENZE
UA / FU (June 24, 1893): Say, my dear, do you still love me a little bit from afar? I love you so much, so unbelievably much. I would have never thought.

When I will come?

As soon as I can bring you good news and money – as soon as my work here is done.

LA: Everyone needs peace and quiet.

UA: You’ve already proved your courage. You said clearly that you wanted to change groups.

LA: It’s not the time for this now.

UA: Living in a foreign land and feeling like you will always be a foreigner, because you look different, speak a different language, and were raised differently.

That’s why I feel marginalized.

LA: It’s not the time or place for this now.

UA: Happiness!

Talking to each other.

A border can make you angry.

That you have to wait so long.

A passport has to be made.

The door locked.

LA: For a colorful, flamboyant person from the city, moving to a small, conservative, rural environment means not being accepted, not being able to realize your own potential.

That's why I feel marginalized.

UA: It’s not the time or place for this now.

Wake-up Call against the Border
LA / AS (June 26, 1893): Maybe I’m worn out by excessive work, suffering, and hardship. My spring love (second spring, unfortunately!) woke me up for a moment, but the past leaves me no peace and breeds discord in my life. Fear of the future haunts me, and I no longer have the strength to reach for the fruits that I have to wait for after so many years of work.

UA: Overcoming!

LA: That is another issue.

UA: Whose issue is it?

LA: That was a major disappointment for my mother.
She believed that she could make a difference if she presented facts.

UA: Overcoming!

LA: ... But that simply fizzled out.

UA: Everyone has their freedom.

LA: She held her speeches. She said what she had to say, and everyone heard it.
But they voted as if they hadn’t.

UA / FU (July 4, 1893): August, your last postcard is a disgrace. [...] Let me know straight away if you demand me to repudiate – yes or no – what I, your wife, had to do. If that is your intention, I swear I will never meddle with any of your affairs again. [...] And if everything falls apart now, I won’t be able to prevent it, but I also won’t be part of it. This is the last time you’ll hear from me for the rest of your life. [...] Frida.

LA: Some people are not allowed to cross the border.
You feel marginalized.

UA: Her speeches simple fizzled out.

Tonal Announcement: UA: Open Mike for Visitors of RUF GEGEN DIE GRENZE

UA / FU (July 4, 1893): This is the moment to tell you the truth.

I have given you everything: my heart, my soul, and my strength to work. [...] You? You treated me like a creature that was born especially to put up with your moods. You have tormented me mercilessly. – I’m not talking about small things. I was ready to bear everything silently, because I loved you. All I would have needed was a small spark of the great love you swore to me before I became engaged to you.

LA: The things that defined me, that have to do with her personality, have enabled her to have this kind of charisma and personality, but the significance this had in public life was not my concern. That was her story...

UA: Couples should also spend some time alone together.

If you ignore someone, war will break out.

LA / AS (July 25, 1893): When I don’t get angry, you get angry, and when I get angry, you also get angry. When you ask me for forgiveness and I forgive you, you get angry.

[...] I am a truly sick person, I am paralyzed. Everything around me is collapsing, and I can’t move!

UA / FU (July 30, 1893): August, dear August, courage, I beg you. My friend, I would cry all day if I had any tears left. But I don’t. Courage, let us do what we are supposed to do.

LA: Today, we know a lot more about these things. We know that collaboration is the basis of life. We know that humans are social beings, from their first breath onward.

UA: People should also be allowed to cross borders.
Wake-up Call against the Border

UA: If I’m not able to achieve something, I don’t envy others who can. I don’t suffer because of it. There isn’t much that really hurts me. If something doesn’t go so well these days, then I do something else. I still have grit, I’m ambitious. But it’s not worth making enemies over and not being able to talk to each other anymore. I have also learned that this becomes less important over time. As you get older, you see things differently.

LA / AS (August 7, 1893): In my quiet moments, I blame myself … that I didn’t take you and your career more seriously, that I oppressed you. But I didn’t know the value of your talent and hadn’t read a word. Now that I have read your articles and your style, full of wit and color, I am aware that you are someone, and that it wasn’t right of me not to take you seriously.

UA: Go away, we want peace.
Music/A Few SoundsUA: I believe in a combination of rigor and love. Rigor in the sense of directly addressing how extreme, how dangerous controlled things are.

LA / AS (August 7, 1893): You throw away love for the sake of glory, but I can tell you that there will come a time when you will have glory but will want to spit in its face. It’s so empty then, so bleak around you that you would trade the laurels for a wreath of roses.

UA: If you ignore someone, war will break out.

LA: Because people know, basically. That’s exactly why they don’t want to know. There’s no use beating around the bush, while at the same time addressing, with love, the values, and the basis of what is truthful within the stance of each person.
Everyone has needs.

Tonal Announcement: UA: Open Mike for Visitors of RUF GEGEN DIE GRENZE

LA / AS (August 7, 1893): I am a man of the future – so manly, that I do my best to hide it. That’s why I play the misogynist. My instincts are so healthy that they always lead me down a good path, where an abundance of love awaits me, seasoned with a woman’s cruelties.

UA: Friendly.

Let’s go!

LA: No one takes the time to listen anymore.

UA: At my son’s birthday, we talked about the radicals. And how many of them are from a good home. Why is that?

You can understand people who are marginalized, fatherless, and have no prospects. These young people from good homes also have no prospects, however. Our way of life has ruined intensity and cultural identity; it has taken away pride and meaning in life, the challenges, what life really is. They also have little direction, and when they find something that does give them direction, they go along with it.

LA: A border that is elastic depending on the situation? What does that mean?

Whistling Anna Maria/Piercing, or: Saxophone

UA: That people aren’t allowed to argue.

LA: Where should I go, I’m at my wits’ end. It scares me.
My constant forgetfulness frightens me.

UA: Open your eyes and be curious.
Let your intellect breathe and try alternatives.
Open your soul and seek warmth.

LA: I wish I could live somewhere else entirely, on another continent. I would probably look for something to do where I can help people again, where I can relieve my burden. Or, I’d lace up my hiking boots. The whole world is so beautiful, but I’m here; I can’t manage to get away. I need another person to motivate me to go with them.

UA / FU (August 26, 1894): I’m now the person I once was again. I’ve regained my strong, unbending will, my love for work. Thanks to this, I’m not heading toward demise.

LA: Because of the lesson of their lives, which in hindsight explains the extremism of their behavior. And there are many of them today. And that is where some of the right-wing extremists come from.

UA / FU (August 26, 1894): Tell me what pleasure your get from making everything around you dirty? It fascinates me, as a mind game.

LA: You should stop.

UA / FU (August 26, 1893): But ultimately this doesn’t concern me. I’m following my path. You want to follow me? Fine. I’ll be happy. But I won’t go around covered in dirt, and I won’t let the pride I have rightfully earned, all my self-confidence, all my individuality be killed anymore. Only now do I understand what you were trying to turn me into. That was really low!

LA / Peter Gstöttmaier:
It was narrow
It was a long way
I never gave up
I always wanted more
I always tried
Now it’s no longer narrow
Now it’s nice and wide – I’m free
Now I do what I want
So good, so great
Cheers/Trumpet for the Finish

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