Lois Weinberger

Exhibition Series
Alltagskultur und Gegenwartskunst im museumORTH
kuratiert von Hilde Fuchs
2014 July 14 to November 1

For the fifth time, the museumORTH cooperated with Public Art Lower Austria to present an artist working at the intersection between exhibition spaces and public spaces. In 2014, the museum chose to feature Lois Weinberger and his cartographic text pictures.

Since the 1970s, Lois Weinberger has been creating works that explore the spaces of natural environments and civilization. Ruderal plants, which are commonly often referred to as weeds, not only wander visibly and invisibly between urban spaces and rural landscapes, they also form the basis of and orientation for Weinberger’s notes, drawings, photographs, objects, texts, and films. With a focus on life on the margins and with a critical stance toward all kinds of hierarchies, his works create a fascinating tension between poetry and politics. Weinberger’s works have played a significant role in new discussions about art and nature from the early 1990s to today.

In the tower room of the Schloss Orth, a large cartographic text picture, drawings, notes, and found objects from his hikes paint a new picture of the surrounding wetlands of the Danube. Just as plants undermine the borders between urban and rural zones as “partisans of nature,” Lois Weinberger’s works also confront beholders with unfamiliar perspectives and complex relations.
© Lois Weinberger Foto: Woessner

© Lois Weinberger Foto: Woessner

© Lois Weinberger Foto: Woessner

© Lois Weinberger Foto: Woessner

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